「 Photo Diary 」 Birthday Brunch at Espressini Café

By Pearly Jane - January 10, 2018

Turning 25 has been special; of course, it's such a feat to be able to come at this age with sooo many blessings, especially from the past year (if you haven't read my 2017 review, here it is~) Then again, I really don't have concrete plans during my birthdays... The only sure thing is having dinner with family but aside from that, nada.

The night before, I passed by Cagayan Town Center and came across Espressini Café. I've always had the intent to visit but I was never active about it, you know? But that night, I thought, "Why not? I'd also love some nice photos of the place, the food and me~" Hihi obviously I did go and my lucky companion is my sister! (Lucky because well, my birthday treat )

The café is located at the 2nd floor, directly above Yakimix. Here's what'll greet you when you enter:

First glimpse and it's already super Instagram-worthy! Quite festive since they still have the Christmas vibe / decorations from the holidays. One of their staff immediately catered to us and made us choose our seats. It was actually hard selecting because every corner is pretty~ There was like 1 other set of customers so it was quite chill.


After we made our orders, it's snap time! Being extra on my birthday is acceptable hahaha so I wore this dress I bought for 299 PHP at a bazaar in Centrio. This is officially my favorite dress. Girly but not too feminine? Lels and I don't have to show my underarms!


And a-yo! Look at my matching shoes! I got this pair in Cogon for 200 PHP. Yall, thrift shopping is the bomb. Sooo many treasures if you just look

Onto the food, shall we?

May pa-Iced Latte si ateng!
The first to come out was my Chicken Ala King. I ordered it because it's their bestseller and I need rice, friends. Brunch time~ Hihi

Then came the Nacho Overload and my sister's Seafood Pasta. We over-ordered. Hahaha with such small appetites, why??

Thank you to my sister for accompanying me. You have no choice anyway and you like free food. But definitely, you're my default when I have no one to go with to anywhere nice. Hahaha thank meee

Verdict: I'd actually recommend Espressini Café. Ambience is great, aesthetics on point. Since people really do consider how a place looks for photos and social media~ Hihi food is good too with reasonable prices. The rice meals start from 130+ and I think the pasta dishes are around 200+. For me, they're good for sharing na.

Ohhhh God, I'm so hungry right now because of this post


Darling, here's to being 25 and taking it all in.

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